There are some common misconceptions about probiotics which are critical to understand.

Popular Misconception #1- Yogurt is enough

I am a fan of yogurt in the diet. It’s a great source of protein and we even have alternative dairy sources, such as coconut and almond. When we are speaking of the gut, we have (or should have) TRILLIONS of units of probiotics. Thus, to make an impact, most experts believe you should be consuming into at least the BILLIONS, and yogurt just won’t do that.

Popular Misconception #2- If you have no stomach problems, you don’t need probiotics

Most traditional cultures have probiotic forming foods as a regular part of their diets, something we have lost in the standard American diet. Our modern lifestyle challenges probiotic health, including diets, stress, medication therapy and environmental toxins.

Probiotics are for more than just the gut. Probiotics have been proven to support immunity, blood pressure, memory and cognition, mood and behavior, skin and allergies…way beyond issues of bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea.

Popular Misconception #3- All probiotics are the same

There are many factors that go into probiotics. From quality, to the concentration, to the number of different strains, and how much care is used in production.

Here at Optimum Wellness Pharmacy, we carry only the best, at the best value. Our suppliers ensure proper sourcing, storage, transporting, and manufacture. This continues from their facility to our pharmacy to make sure that you get the very best.