Why Not Look to Prevent Your Allergies Before They Even Start?

Let’s face it folks, the season is upon us. Even with the unseasonably cooler temps here in Southern Indiana, the buds are popping, and pollen is starting to fly.

Our go-to natural support for seasonal allergies is D-Hist by OrthoMolecular. D-Hist check all the boxes for immune and allergy support this time of year, providing you with NAC (N- Acetyl Cysteine), bromelain, Quercetin, Vitamin C and Nettles. A true powerhouse of natural immune and allergy support.

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The Often-Overlooked Piece to the Puzzle of Seasonal Allergies

Have you ever experienced an allergy season that just wouldn’t quit? And, regardless of what you tried, it seemed you just couldn’t get a hold on the allergies?

In addition to D-Hist, what we have found is that your gut health might be hampering your allergy fighting success.

You see, allergies are a direct tie into your immune system. For whatever reason, your immune system goes into overdrive and begins to create the symptoms of allergies, such as water yes, inflamed sinuses, headaches, and runny nose. It does this to trap and flush out these “attacking pollens”

One of the keys to a healthy acting, and reacting immune system is a healthy gut, and it all starts with the biome. The biome is a culmination of trillions of “good bugs” that support our immune system, create natural antibiotics, and even some vitamins and nutrients.

Even if you don’t feel you have digestive issues, because you don’t get heartburn, your biome could still use a little help.

This is why here at Optimum Wellness Pharmacy, we recommend comprehensive, concentrated multistrand probiotics such as Ortho Biotic by Orthomolecular. At just one capsule daily, you can be providing your gut biome with the food and immune support that it deserves.

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Our favorite hormone for allergy support

You guessed it! Well, maybe you didn’t, as many of you might not realize that Vitamin D is more of a hormone than it is a vitamin. And optimizing your vitamin D levels is one of our favorite pieces to our arsenal in allergy support.

Vitamin D deficiency has shown to lower our defense to seasonal allergies, while optimizing levels through supplementation has shown to improve symptoms during allergy season in both children and adults.

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